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Who We Are


Welcome to the website of the Molalla River Alliance! On the following pages you will learn about one of the most extraordinary collaborations of conservationists ever assembled.

We are a non-profit, all-volunteer conservation group of more than 45 civic and conservation organizations; local, state and federal agencies; numerous user groups; and local property owners.

We are dedicated to preserving the water quality of the Molalla and sustaining the wildlife, fish and plants that inhabit its watershed. Also, we are committed to promoting a safe and healthy environment that encourages diverse enjoyment of the recreation corridor, including tourism and family-friendly activities.

We have taken a leading role in galvanizing numerous stakeholders, scientists and policy makers. We have forged a perhaps unprecedented partnership of diverse, divergent and frequently opposing groups.

  • We have wild fish advocates sitting next to hatchery fish advocates
  • We have hunters sitting next to equestrians and hikers
  • We have anti-logging advocates sitting next to timber growers
  • We have fly fishermen sitting next to bait fishermen;

This group of non-traditional allies works because all have strived to find the common bond between us, which is the shared passion for Oregon's storied Molalla River.

Our foremost commitment is to the health of the river and its ecosystems, for the consequential enjoyment by all people.

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Bylaws of the Molalla River Alliance

President's Message

Dear Friends of the Molalla:

Since its inception in 2008, the Molalla River Alliance has become a potent and respected advocate for our beloved river, enabling us to meet many of our key conservation priorities in pursuing our mission.

For those perhaps unfamiliar with the work of the Molalla River Alliance I would like to highlight some of our accomplishments, all of which were achieved because of the commitment and perseverance of our incredibly dedicated all-volunteer members. Through their passionate efforts the Alliance has

  • slashed lawless and detrimental human activities and improved public safety in the Molalla River Recreation Corridor
  • initiated a Wild and Scenic Rivers bill to the U.S. Congress
  • strengthened efforts to preserve the primary source of drinking water for more than 20,000 citizens
  • galvanized diverse, frequently opposed public and private stakeholders, scientists and policymakers
  • promoted tourism and family-friendly activities in the Corridor
  • expanded to 48 member-organizations from an original 34
  • advanced public awareness of issues affecting the River
  • contributed meaningfully to the development of the BLM's recreational management plan for the worked with the Bureau of Land Management in developing a recreation management plan for the Molalla River Recreation Corridor, including new campsites

In addition, the Alliance has established a series of 'seasonal' community-based education programs. They include on-the-ground field trips, as well as indoor workshops and seminars, all highlighting the ecosystems, fish and wildlife, plants, geology, and early history of the Molalla River watershed.

I believe these achievements evidence that conservation efforts can be successful if human-based priorities are secondary to ecosystem-based priorities.

No goal or priority of the Molalla River Alliance favors the interests of any single species, activity, or group…including humans.

The many members of the Alliance who tirelessly tackle issues affecting our storied river are creating a marvelous, enduring and priceless legacy. If you would like to be a part of this vital work, please contact us.

And, for those of you who have not had a recent opportunity to visit the Molalla River, there is no better time than now.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments you have.

John H. Atkins, Jr.
(503) 644-5835

Our Goals

  1. To promote efforts that preserve the water quality and biodiversity of the Molalla River and to protect and sustain the natural resources that inhabit its watershed;

  2. To promote a safe and healthy environment that encourages diverse enjoyment of the Molalla River Recreation Corridor including tourism and family-friendly activities;

Our Board of Directors

John H. Atkins, Jr
Tom Derry
Ilene Waldorf
Michael Moody
Kevin Donegan
Jack Hammond



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Fundraising / Development:
Kevin Donegan
Oregon's Mt. Hoot Territory